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On November 5th, 2002 The Mountain Goats released Tallahassee. Artists and fans across genres love John Darnielle's wordy, probing songs; and for many, Tallahassee was the album that made us fall in love. To celebrate its tenth birthday, Crooked Neighbor has commissioned fifteen bands to cover the album's fourteen songs (and one b-side), creating Tallahassee Turns Ten: A Mountain Goats Cover Album.

The money from selling the compact disc version of the album went to supporting Farm Sanctuary. You can download the record at Bandcamp.

Steve Slagg  Vocals, Prepared Piano
Kerry J Haps  Piano Prep

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Kerry J Haps of Hey, Darlin' Records at Archmart in the Shea Haps and Birchwood rooms. Wheaton, IL.
First Few Desperate Hours
Clyde Petersen  Keys and vocals
Theo Hilton  Drums
Jared Gandy  Bass
Karl Blau  Sax and Vocals

Produced by Your Heart Breaks. Recorded at Hot Soup Studios by Karl Blau in Anacortes, Wa
Southwood Plantation Road
by Mooner
Lee Ketch  vocals, electric guitar
David Ketch  electric guitar
Dann Morr  Bass
Adam Bonich  drums

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Kerry J Haps of Hey, Darlin' Records at Archmart in the Shea Haps and Birchwood rooms. Wheaton, IL.
Game Shows Touch Our Lives
Kimya Dawson  vocals
No One And The Somebodies  Arrangement
Steve Yankou  guitar, cello
Brian Yankou  drums
Bobby Yankou  piano
Kevin Yankou  deep throat hummer
Jack Dishel (of Only Son)  1st guitar solo
Jake Kelly  yodeling

Engineered by Jake Kelly at Materials to Outlet Studio in Portland, Oregon.
The House That Dripped Blood
Ryan Walsh   vocals, guitar
Nicholas Giadone Ward   bass, vocals
Ryan Connelly  drums, vocals
Brian Rutledge  trumpet
David Bentley  cello

Recorded, mixed and produced by Ryan Walsh.
Idylls of the King
Evan Younger  vocals, double bass
Josh Hirshfeld  mandolin
Kieran Ledwidge  violin
Geoff McDonald  cello
Tyler Pines  drums

Produced by Miracles of Modern Science. Recorded and mixed by Evan Younger in Brooklyn, NY.
No Children
Laura Stevenson  vocals, guitar, piano

Recorded, mixed and produced by Laura Stevenson.
See America Right
Jeffrey Lewis  vocals, guitar, drums

Recorded, mixed and produced by Jeffrey Lewis.
by Houses
Dexter Tortoriello  Vocals, Synthesizers
Megan Messina  Backing Vocals

Produced by Houses. Recorded and mixed by Dexter Tortoriello.
International Small Arms Traffic Blues
Reid Comstock  vocals, guitar
Joshua Kerl  drums, percussion
James Marshall  guitar, vocals
PJ Theberge  instruments, vocals
Tyler Wharen  guitar, keys, vocals

Produced by Tiger Waves.
Have to Explode
by Perry Owen Wright
Perry Wright  vocals, guitars, bass, piano, rhodes, glockenspiel, mellotron
Katie Spencer  background vocals
Doug Campbell  background vocals
Joshua Snyder  drums
Scott Andrews  piano, rhodes, organ
Shane McDonald  54321, ruby backend

Recorded, mixed and produced by Perry Owen Wright.
Saalik Ahmad Ziyad  vocals
Andy Schlinder  tenor sax
Kevin Brown  arrangement, fretless guitar
Preyas Roy  Vibraphone
Alex Wing  electric bass
Nils Higdon  drums

Produced by Mosaik. Recorded and Mixed by Caleb Willitz of Rattlesnake Studio, Chicago, IL.
Oceanographer's Choice
by Great Gray Buildings
Kevin Whelan  vocals, keyboard
Matt Tanaka  drums
Daniel Hawthorne  electric guitar
Lee Ketch  bass

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Kerry J Haps of Hey, Darlin' Records at Archmart in the Shea Haps and Birchwood rooms. Wheaton, IL.
Alpha Rats Nest
by AJJ
Sean Bonnette  vocals, guitar
Ben Gallaty  bass, vocals
Deacon Batchelor  drums

Produced by Andrew Jackson Jihad. Recorded by jalipaz at audioconfusion.
Mike Costa  drums
John DeDomenici  bass
Matt Keegan  guitars
Tom Malinowski  guitars
Jeff Rosenstock  guitars, vocals, harmonica, melodica & programming

Produced by Bomb the Music Industry! Recorded by Tom Malinowski at Cellar Door Studios in Amityville, NY and Jeff Rosenstock at Quote Unquote Records in Brooklyn, NY. Mixed by Jeff Rosenstock.


The record was produced by Crooked Neighbor LLC and Daniel Isaac Burrage. It was mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios. All artwork for the album and website was designed and rendered by Sarah Graley. All songs written by John Darnielle.

These wonderful people made this project possible by backing it on Kickstarter: Aaron Fraker, Abby Pullen, Adam Linder, Adam Sullivan, Alex Hughson, Alex Russell, Alex Wilgus, Alexandra, Allison Meier, alpha_puppington, alyssa, Amanda Lucille, Andrew Kornfeld, andrewlips, Andy Gattis, Annmichelle, Ash Ponders, Aubri, Audley Speeks, Ben Zuerlein, Benjamin Silver, Binz, Brandon Lindquist, Brendan, Brian Clement, Brian Corstange, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Carla Arnold, Carly, Cassandra, Catherine Morris, Catherine Walsh, Cathy G. Johnson, Celeste Adamson, charis, Charity Kittler, Chris Rediske, Christian Gridelli, Christopher MacMurray, "come trade your old CD's", Corey Smith, Cory Banks, Craig Barringer, Crystal Baxley, Dallas Gentry, Dan Winkler, Daniel Albert, Daniel Barringer, Daniel Isaac Burrage, Daniel Godwin, Daniel Kirk, Daniel Saunders, Daniela Isabella Ricci, Danielle Human Ross, Danny Martin, Derek Bosshard, Devon, Dianna Settles, Dominica Nicholls, Drew Thies, Dylan, Edward Goodson, Eibhlin McMenamin, Elaine, Elizabeth Tuck, Elliot Simmons, Emily Perper, Eric Brown, Eric Lowe, farynakita, Frank Fogarty, Frankih Kay, Gabriel Ellison RiCharde, Grahm Eberhardt, Hansel, Heather O'Connor, Helena Ross, Huan Manton, Ian, Ian Mathers, Isaac Tyler, Isaac Valenzuela, Isobel, J, Jamie, Jathan Pugh, Jeff Killingsworth, Jeremiah White, Jerry Willoughby, john frewin, Johnathan Hansen, Jordan Michael Iannucci, Joseph Hatton, Joshua Huffman, Josiah Ostoich, Julia Ward, June Sezah Hatfield, Justin, Justin Mariner Daley, Kara Elliott-Ortega, Katelyn Leary, Kathryn Cullum, Kayleigh, Kevin, Kevin Seltzer, Kirsten Opstad, Kyle Auble, Kyle McKenna, Laura Blum, Laura Cornwall, Laura Shapiro, Lauren, Lee Ogilvie, Leonard Richardson, Lewis Winter, Lis Ferla, Lola Smith, Louisa Amsterdam, Luke Brewster, Luke David Bather, Maggie K, Maiya Wiester, mara, marc, Mariah Marconi, Mark Donaldson, Martin Atkinson, Marty Jones, Matthew Kuhmann, Matthew Monthei, max parmer, Max Smith, Megan Smith, Melvin Peña, Michael, Michael Kauffman, Michael OConnor, Michaela Drapes, Mike Dickison, Mikio, Monica Lynn Remmers, Nathaniel Remington Lovdahl, Nick Golding, Nick Shulla, Nicole Bedard, Nigel Ewan, Nora Pullen, Omar Osegueda, Paulina Saba, Phil Brayshaw, Phoebe Rose Walker, Plutonium, Rachael Tucker, Rachel Thompson, Raishawn Wickwire, Rebecca Vitale, Rich Lawrence, Richard Fuss, Richie Manis, Ryan O'Reilly, Ryan Steele, Sadie, Sal, Sam Bilheimer, Sam Logsdon, Sarah Avampato, Sarah Rattenborg, Sasha Pedro, Siana Lacey, stacey noll, Stephen Tanksley, Steve and Tamara Hoey, Steve Keysor, Steven Smiley, Still Magiing, Suzanne Ditman, Tarasque Tymoshenko, Terry Herbert, The Wonderful Lives, Thom Ryan, Tim Garvey, Timothy C. Gyves, to'c, Tom Pokorny, Tom Urwin, Tyler, Tyler Crumrine, Valerie Barr, Walker Reynolds, Walt Evans, Walter Poulsen, Wyatt Hi-Hat Miller, xea-me, Zach Gozlan, Zach Huselid